Welcome to the American Comparative Law Review HACLR. Founded in 2008 by Ohio State University students and academics, the American Comparative Law Review is Houmbolt Research's main legal publication counting nowadays more than 30 issues in international law, comparative law, human rights and technology.

Our law review Articles have been authored by leading scholars, law professors, outstanding PhD candidates, well-established international researchers, CEOs, and government officials from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, South Africa, India, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Argentine, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico.

Our latest issue (Vol. 10, Issue 1, 2024) includes Articles in AI regulation, generative AI design, human rights differentials and legal challenges for higher courts in the countries leading the AI revolution. Our new issue contains Houmbolt's case study and research report on AI integration and quatum technology integration. To order this edition, please send us email using our contacts form. We send mail anywhere around the globe. 

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blue sky during night time

American Comparative Law Review HACLR

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blue sea under blue sky during daytime
YEAR XVII    Volume 10     Issue 1       2024

AI International Regulation: A Comparative Study on EU, US, Canada, Japan, China, and Singapore Regulation Frameworks (2020 - 2024).  By Jessica Hopkins & Shi Lang.

Beyond AI: Breaking the Quantum Shift. Humbolt Research Report. Directed by Arnold Ford Jr.

Ethical and Legal Concerns on Generative AI design: A Prime. By Edward Kennedy & Daniel Andrade.



The Privacy Dissident: Depicting Critical Differentials on AI's Upcoming Jurispruence (US, Canada, Australia). By Dagoberto Sampaio.