SEMINAR International Migration

Migrant Relocation

A Transdisciplinary and Comparative Approach  to American, Australian and European Systems

The Center for Advanced Research HRC Indianapolis under the auspices of the United Nations Population Fund invite students, researchers in residence, visiting fellows, and faculty members to the seminar on International Migration and Human Development. Registrations are open and limited.

SEMINAR: Drawing on international cooperation, offshore resettlement, and gradual differentials between Fair-sharing and Solidarity principles, the United States, Australia and the European Union have developed a series of regional and international agreements allowing the transfer of asylum seekers in their territories to other countries. Though the European relocation system has been largely  developed within the frame of the European integration process (declarations, treaties, case law, regulations) and principles (solidarity, fair sharing of responsibility) procuring, for the most part, a safe destination for asylum seekers, both the American and the Australian relocation systems have been developed within the frame of national security law and policy (case law, statutes, executive orders) disregarding, for the most part, the safe destination rule imposed by international law. Still, in practice, all relocation systems have proven not merely problematic but prejudicial for the well-being, human rights protections, mental health, and social development of migrants and asylum seekers. This seminar analyses and compares the agreements, policies, practices, and most defining empirical evidence. Students are expected to present papers, engage with partners from other disciplines, and vigorously defend their findings.


Oppenheimer Scholar, Dr. J. Mauricio Gaona. Ph.D. in Human Rights and Migration from McGill with residence at Harvard, master in International and Comparative Law from UCLA, master in European Law from University of Paris 2 Assas, and law degree from Externado University.

IBM Scholar, Dr. Jin Ae Kim. Ph.D. in Neuropsychology from Princeton with residence at UC Berkeley, master in Social Sciences from UCLA, master in Science from Oxford, and degree in Psychology from Seoul National University.

VENUE: Center for Advanced Research HRC Indianapolis (Auditorium B), 11299 Illinois Street, Indianapolis IN 46032.

DATES: Six weeks and six lectures going from March 21 to April 30.

REGISTRATION: Registrations must be sent to no later than March 15, 5:00 PM ET.

ATTENDANCE: In-person. Students affiliated with either the University of Chicago, Ohio State University, or Illinois University may attend the first and last lectures online.